There are many alternatives to eating ‘everyday common’ food. So you don’t have to ‘go without’, instead you can just change your habits and switch to a healthier alternative.

Below is a list of common foods with their alternative and we’ve also included some easy, healthy recipes for you to try.

      1. Soy sauce > Coconut aminos or tamari
      2. Pasta noodles > Vegetable noodles (made from zucchini, sweet potato or carrot), kelp seaweed noodles, mung beans noodles, rice noodles or spaghetti squash
      3. Bread > Homemade GF breads
      4. Wraps > Coconut wraps, large lettuce leaves, large silver beet leaves, lightly steamed large cabbage leaves or homemade GF wraps or flat breads
      5. Bread crumbs > Nut or seed meals, homemade GF bread crumbs, quinoa flakes or Changing Habits Shredded Coconut
      6. Polenta > Mashed/ pureed cauliflower or cauliflower rice, quinoa, rice or millet
      7. Pancakes > GF homemade pancakes
      8. Cereal > GF homemade muesli, CADA or chia pudding


      9. Crackers > GF homemade crackers
      10. Muffins, cakes, cheesecake and slices > GF homemade muffins, cakes, cheesecakes and slices

        Raw_berry_cheesecake - Copy

      11. Wheat flour > almond, hazelnut or sunflower seed meal, coconut flour, banana flour, tapioca, buckwheat or arrowroot flour
      12. Store-bought chocolate > Homemade Chocolate or Changing Habits Cacao Melts
      13. Refined and artificial sugars > Raw honey, Changing Habits Rapadura Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup, Liquid Stevia or ripe fruits such as banana, berries, mango, apple, pears etc.
      14. Refined Salt > Changing Habits Seaweed Salt
      15. Dairy milk (if intolerant) > Coconut milk or nut or seed milks
      16. Dairy cheese (if intolerant) > cashew cheese (or try goats cheese which is easier to digest compare to cow’s)
      17. Dairy yoghurt (if intolerant) > coconut kefir or coconut yoghurt
      18. Soft drinks > Kombucha, coconut water kefir, soda water with fruit, smoothies or fresh juices

        Coconut_Water_Kefir1W - Copy

      19. Margarine and refined vegetable oils > Butter, ghee, Changing Habits Coconut Oil, Cold pressed oils such as olive, avocado, macadamia, walnut and Changing Habits Inca Inchi Oil, animal fats such as duck, tallow, lard, goose fat etc.
      20. Store-bought mayonnaise > Homemade mayonnaise
      21. Store-bought pesto > Homemade pesto

        Basil_Pepita_Pesto - Copy

      22. Tomato and BBQ sauce > Homemade tomato and BBQ Sauce
      23. Store-bought salad dressing > Olive oil or a cold-pressed oil mixed with lemon juice or homemade dressings
      24. Potato chips > Homemade Sweet potato chips, kale chips, dehydrated veggies chips or roasted root vegetable chips
      25. Store-bought guacamole > Homemade guacamole
      26. Store-bought dips and salsas > Homemade dips and salsas
      27. Store-bought ice-cream > Homemade nice-cream or ice-cream

        peanut_butter_ripple_icecream - Copy

      28. Store-bought stock cubes > Homemade stock or broth or Changing Habits Broth (Beef, Naked Beef, Chicken flavours)
      29. Cornstarch > Arrowroot or tapioca flour
      30. Chocolate chips or sprinkles > Changing Habits Cacao Melts (chopped)
      31. Store-bought dried fruits > Homemade dehydrated fruits or dried fruit with no additives, sugars or refined oils
      32. Shredded cheese (often contains additives like cellulose) > A block of cheese grated yourself
      33. Hot chocolate (with refined ingredients) > Homemade hot chocolate
      34. Nutella > Homemade choc hazelnut spread

Happy changing habits,

Jordan Pie, Nutritionist
Changing Habits

May 2016

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Jordan Pie

Jordan Pie

I am a qualified holistic Nutritionist and a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner. No matter your chosen path or where you are in your own health journey, my heartfelt mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve and sustain vibrant health and wellness by inspiring you to get creative with real, whole, fresh foods and to see them in a brand new light! I'm an avid believer in the value of home cooking, utilising the healing power of foods, extremely passionate about gut health, eating intuitively and the importance of listening to your own body. Find out more at

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