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How To Beat Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar your body craves – and it’s no surprise that it can be really hard to break the cycle. And it’s in so many foods, even those branded as ‘healthy’. Read this blog to find out where sugar is...

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10 Signs You Should See a Nutritionist

How often do you see a qualified nutritionist? Jordan, one of the Changing Habits nutritionists, explains the many ways in which a nutritionist can help with your health and why you should consider making an appointment with one.

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Bee Pollen – What’s The Buzz?

Bee pollen is one of nature's most perfect and complete foods.  It is created when flower pollen from the male part of the flower (the stamen) is collected on the bodies of bees. Flower pollen on its own is also nutritionally beneficial and can be consumed, but when...

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What May Be Causing Your Weight Issues

In our latest FB Live session, our nutritionist Sheridan focuses on what may be causing you to gain weight (or making it difficult for you to lose weight), including things beyond the food you are eating.

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What is Xanthan Gum & Should I Avoid It?

Have you ever noticed something called ‘xanthan gum’ listed as an ingredient on the products you buy? It is found in foods such as ice cream, gluten-free baked goods, custard and even salad dressings. But what is xanthan gum and should we eat it or avoid it? Here’s...

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Why I Encourage My Clients to Have Regular Epsom Salt Baths

In my blog Signs of Magnesium Deficiency & What You Can Do About It, I discussed how important magnesium is when it comes to your health. Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body, such as regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation,...

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Why We Should Tax Ultra-Processed Foods

The future looks bleak for the Australian health care system. If we fail to make major changes now, it will need an extra $57 billion of funding by 2040 to provide adequate care for our population. The government already spends around $170 billion a year on health...

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Curcumin: A Remedy for Alzheimer’s?

Is there no end to the wonders of turmeric? Recent research has found that curcumin, the active component of turmeric, can benefit those with memory problems, like Alzheimer’s. The study, conducted by UCLA, involved 40 participants, aged 50 to 90 years, who had mild...

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How to Achieve Glowing Skin – by Glow With Nat Russell

Nothing screams health like glowing skin. Many of us are on the quest for it and the cosmetics and toiletries industry in Australia has capitalized on that fact - to the tune of $4 billion annually (and growing!). But what if glowing skin didn’t come from the outside,...

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Top 4 Sources of Iodine and Why You Need it

The importance of iodine has not gone unrecognised. In 1924, iodised salt was introduced into the United States to correct deficiencies to avoid numerous diseases, with Australia following through with this idea not long after. Iodine was one of the first trace...

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Our Favourite No-Bake Treats

It’s hot and you are trying to spend minimal time in the kitchen...but you fancy a treat! Why not whip up a batch of one of our favourite no-bake goodies? These recipes are great for a little pick-me-up or an afternoon treat for the kids as they’re getting back into...

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