Hunter Gatherer Elimination Protocol

Create health and energy and start loving the body you are in. Learn the secrets to feeling great every day…

The Hunter Gatherer Protocol was developed from the basic eating principles of our ancestors. Addressing the evolution of man’s eating and rectifying modern day patterns of convenience you can restore your body back to optimum health.

This program will give you:

  • The security of always knowing what to eat and what not to eat
  • Increased energy and wellbeing
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved sleep
  • Feelings of happiness and health

“I’m an aspiring sprinter aiming for the Olympics. Last year my training plateaued and as hard and as fast as I was training I wasn’t getting any major time changes. That was until I had a talk to Cyndi O’Meara. She completely changed my diet from eating whatever I wanted to trying the Hunter Gatherer Protocol. Ever since, I can train harder and for longer, I don’t need naps during the day and I have so much energy all the time. I could literally talk for hours on how much better I feel. My times have improved dramatically and my strength and speed is getting better and better. My new way of life is “Eat like a caveman, Train like a beast!”

Conor L

Everything YOU Need to Succeed!

21 Step reset Cover

  • How different foods affect your hormonal balance
  • What nutritional support, minerals and vitamins your body needs to shed fat and toxins
  • Tracking calendar and daily progress charts
  • Food direction, recipes and shopping lists
  • Hints and tips for long-term success
  • Personal online support with Mel Kent, Changing Habits Healthy Living Coach

The Hunter Gatherer Protocol

Learn how to feel great everyday…Hunter Gatherer Protocol

The Hunter Gatherer Protocol gives you the opportunity to take control of your health by understanding foods that enhance health and foods that reduce health and learning what foods work with your body to create optimum vitality for you. Learn what foods work with your body to create optimum vitality and how to create a lifestyle that lets you have your cake and eat it too.

(Results may vary from person to person)  

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