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Butter ChickenBy Tessa PennickThis delicious meal is surprisingly easy to whip up and can be made with common kitchen staples! Serve with cauliflower rice, regular rice or mashed sweet potato.
Black Forest CakeBy Tessa PennickGluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free Black Forest Cake. Packed full of flavour, it will certainly be a crowd pleaser - bookmark this for your next gathering with family or friends!
Beef and Quinoa Burrito BowlBy Tessa PennickA healthy take on an all-time favourite! Store-bought Mexican spice mixes can often contain dubious ingredients, so use this quick and easy spice mix to add to mince, slow-cooked meals, roasted vegetables or this nutritious Burrito Bowl!
Spiced Tomato RelishBy Tessa PennickA great simple recipe for a mildly spiced tomato relish. You can add more spices if you prefer a bit of extra heat! Great as a side to a vegetable dish, or with eggs or cheese and crackers.
Lemon Curd TartsBy Tessa PennickA yummy combination of creamy, zesty lemon curd with a crunchy crust. Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, this tart is the perfect guilt-free dessert!
Macadamia “Cheese”By Tessa PennickLooking for a plant-based cheese to add to salads, vegetables, fritters or smashed avo on toast? Look no further! This macadamia cheese will be sure to please.
Ice Cream BitesBy Tessa PennickBite-sized pieces of plant-based goodness! A great little pick-me-up to help with the sugar cravings. Dairy free, refined sugar free, gluten free - these make the perfect guilt-free snack.
Ginger SliceBy Tessa PennickWith a crunchy base and creamy top, this ginger slice is the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee!
Creamy Cauliflower SoupBy Tessa PennickWarm up with a bowl of this flavoursome, creamy cauliflower soup! You can omit the bacon if you like and serve with dukkah and/or extra herbs.
DukkahBy Tessa PennickDukkah is a tasty, nutritious combination of nuts, seeds and spices which can be added to food for a little extra flavour and crunch! Goes well with eggs, vegetables, soups or salads.