Our Recipes

Gluten-free Cheese & Bacon RollsThese little cheese and bacon rolls are super yummy served warm, straight from the oven with a generous slathering of grass-fed butter.
Cheesy Sourdough with Rosemary & OlivesWe experimented with the Changing Habits Emmer Wheat flour and a coconut water kefir starter to ferment the wheat and create a sourdough. e added rosemary, cheese and olives for little flavour bombs and the result was amazing! Of course it was more dense and ‘doughy’ than modern wheat as there is less gluten.
Hot Cross Chocolate & Date MuffinsThis is our nutritionist's take on the typical 'Hot Cross Bun'. The hot cross buns you buy from the supermarket are loaded up with dried fruit, which more often than not contains preservatives, additional sugar and vegetable oils. That is why they have chosen to use the 100% organic dried dates from Changing Habits as a replacement, along with the orange zest and juice for additional flavour pops and the cacao melts for delicious, healthy choc chips.
Zucchini & Sage Quiche MuffinsA delicious and versatile recipe, you can mix it up a bit by adding in any of your favourite herbs or spices, grated cheese or leftover roasted meat or diced (chemical-free) bacon.
GF Choc Chip, Cinnamon Banana BreadThere are so many different ways you can enjoy this banana bread, fresh out of the oven, slathered in butter or honey, cold and chilled, even with some additional nut butter on top or simply enjoy it as it is. You could also try some different flavour combinations such as adding in orange zest, chopped nuts (if tolerated), dried and chopped dates or figs or some fresh blueberries for something a little different. Any way you have it, it's sure to be absolutely delicious!

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