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Bulletproof Mocha gummiesBy Tessa PennickThese are great small portable bites of energy and nourishment! The gelatin contains two amino acids called glycine and lysine which help support the liver to efficiently remove toxins from the body and helps to absorb calcium and build muscle. These little bites also contains quality fats which help you to feel fuller for longer and keep you feeling satisfied. And the coffee also provides you with a pick me up.
Breakfast CookiesBy Tessa PennickA great on-the-go breakfast cookie packed full of nutritious, satisfying ingredients.
Cucumber RollsBy Tessa PennickThese cucumber wraps are the perfect light snack or starter for these warmer months of the year!
Tuna Ceviche Stuffed AvocadoBy Tessa PennickThe perfect light meal. A delicious combination of flavours and packed full of amazing nutrients!
Pizza ScrollsBy Tessa PennickThese light and fluffy Pizza Scrolls make the perfect snack! Easy to make and ready to eat in 30 minutes, straight out of the oven.
Cacao Baked Oat SliceBy Tessa PennickA great breakfast on the go. This slice is nutritious, satisfying and will give you long-lasting energy throughout the day!
Chicken Wings 2 WaysBy Tessa PennickChicken wings are a cost-effective snack or starter, perfect for families or large gatherings as they are easy to whip up and so tasty!
Hazelnut Choc Chip CakeBy Tessa PennickHazelnut and chocolate - two ingredients that go hand in hand. This cake is sure to be a family favourite!
Bacon Wrapped DatesBy Tessa PennickA tasty little entree or snack idea for your next dinner party or gathering. There's definitely something moreish about this combination of flavours!
Strawberry TeacakeBy Tessa PennickA delicious and satisfying strawberry teacake that makes a great little afternoon pick-me-up! Serve either heated or cooled and with or without butter.
Mini Potato Base PizzasBy Tessa PennickLooking for a fun recipe to get the kids in the kitchen? These mini pizzas are not only very easy to make - they're a delicious snack too!
Mango LassiBy Tessa PennickLooking for a nutritious and refreshing drink this summer? Look no further...this delicious Mango Lassi will be sure to satisfy!⁠
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