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Christrmas_Bliss_BallsChristmas Bliss BallsA real taste of Christmas! These three bliss balls (mango, white chocolate and cacao, cinnamon and ginger) make a great Christmas gift arranged in a glass jar - bake it don't buy it!
Crispy_Chicken_ChangingHabitsCrispy Curried Chicken WingsChicken wings are always a hit, even with the kids. Keep this recipe handy for a super quick, super easy, super tasty midweek meal!
3 Ingredient Cashew Cookies recipe3 Ingredient Cashew CookiesThree ingredients have never tasted so good! Easily fill your tins with these nutrient rich little beauties!
Cinnamon Coated Inca Inchi SeedsSuch a simple, nourishing snack. You can mix through other nuts or seeds, fresh blueberries, some dried fruit or some chopped Changing Habits Dates to make a yummy trail mix.
Probiotic CucumbersAs a nutritionist I know the importance of gut health, so I’m on a bit of a mission to get you making even just ONE probiotic rich fermented food, and in my opinion this recipe is one of the easiest of them all! Implementing homemade fermented foods into your diet will aid with your digestion, boost your beneficial probiotic, enzyme and vitamin intake. You can easily change up the flavour profile of your probiotic pickles depending on your personal preferences by adding in mustard seed, chili, dill and/ or ginger for something a little different.
Mini Pizzas for KidsThese gluten free mini-pizzas are such a yummy, quick and easy snack, lunch or dinner you can whip up for your children. For an adult version you can add roasted tomatoes, roasted pumpkin, olives, shredded chicken and/ or mozzarella and basil on top.

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