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Coconut Oil – 1L

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$3.20 / 100ml (Serving size 15ml | No. serves = 66)

Changing Habits Coconut Oil not only tastes great but has many health benefits!




* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Grain Free, Vegan

Our story… why we source and supply organic Coconut Oil

Our organic, cold pressed Coconut Oil is sourced from Sri Lanka. Wanting to provide the best quality, organic Coconut Oil available as a form of essential fats for her family, Cyndi spent a long period of time researching the product from various importers and producers which included checking certifications for authenticity and organics, and testing samples in various cooking methods and blind taste testing.

If you have read Cyndi’s work over the last 30 years, you would already know that she loves saturated fat and believes it is a super food (against convention) – coconut oil is the best plant-based saturated fat.

We sourced the best coconut oil from Sri Lanka. We spent a long period of time researching the product from various importers and producers, which included buying several samples, having them tested in various cooking methods, blind taste tests and checking their certifications for authenticity and organics.

We used and tested this oil for six months prior to launching, with fantastic results. Unanimously, this oil was not only the best tasting coconut oil but also the one that was produced organically, with certification and with the least amount of heat used during processing.  Glass jars have been specifically selected for packaging our coconut oil as glass is much safer against leaching and has the added benefit of being recyclable or can be used to store other products in your pantry once the oil is finished.


The difference between coconut oil and coconut fat

There is some confusion about what is coconut oil and coconut fat. Basically they are the same thing, it just depends what temperature they stand at.
        • In the summer, the coconut oil/fat in your pantry may be a clear liquid (thus called an oil) if above 24oC.
        • In the winter, the coconut fat/oil will usually be a white opaque solid (thus called a fat).
        • Just a note that not all coconut oils are equal. Some are manufactured not using fresh coconut but rather copra (hydrogenated dry coconut flakes). These flakes are refined, bleached and deodorised which leaves the oil odourless, colourless and tasteless when extracted. The refining of the oil process uses chemical distillation dependent on lye or other harsh solvents.
        • Make sure your oil in non hydrogenated or non partially hydrogenated and that nothing has been added to it or taken away. Also look to see that it has not been fractionated or interesterified. Most fractionated coconut oil is used in the cosmetic industry rather than in the food industry.
        • Please note some slight yellow colour may appear at the bottom of the jar, this is perfectly edible. Our Coconut Oil  is a completely natural product and as a hand-made, cold pressed oil it contains very fine particles of coconut (produced during the grating and pressing process). Most of this is removed by sedimentation – or “racking”. We rack the oil (settle it and pour off the clear oil) several times, from production in the village to final export. However, there is always a little bit of sediment left which is just tiny pieces of coconut. This takes the form of a slight cloudiness if the jar is shaken up when the oil is liquid, but it is very edible and nutritious. It is removed in industrial production by large scale filters and high speed centrifuges – not at all natural processes. The coconut sediment collects at the bottom of the jar when the oil has been liquid for a period and becomes visible as a golden tinge – especially once the oil has gone solid and white again.

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