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Probiotics – 150g Contains Prebiotics and Probiotics

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The way probiotics are meant to be… can help rebalance the gut’s natural flora. Easily absorbed, low fructose, gluten free.

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* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free

Our story… why we make organic Probiotics

From extensive research, Cyndi found most available probiotics were in a capsule form (some casings can contain petroleum properties), made on petrie dishes, genetically modified and with no prebiotics – the actual food that the probiotic lives on and eats. Our Probiotics contain the best Australian organic ingredients that have been fermented by a method trademarked as flora ferm, dried and made into a powder, providing you with probiotics that is a real food.

Fermented foods are the ultimate in helping improve the gut flora, but these are not always practical or available in a modern, fast paced world.   At Changing Habits, we value the integrity of the bowel flora as being paramount in order to digest, absorb and utilise the food that we suggest you buy, prepare and consume.

All the ingredients in Changing Habits All Natural Probiotics are organic and have been chosen for their specific properties, especially their value for the health of the gastrointestinal tract.  As a single food, each ingredient is nourishing but put together, they become a super food.  Better still, when they are fermented the availability of the nutrients increases, any anti nutrients are deactivated and digestive enzymes are created which contributes to the digestion, utilisation and absorption of this wonderful food full of probiotics from Changing Habits.

When I first started researching probiotics, I found that most were in a capsule form and could possibly have been made on petrie dishes and/or genetically modified, as well as having no prebiotics – the actual food that the probiotic lives on and eats. Our Changing Habits Probiotics contains the best organic ingredients that have been fermented by a method trademarked as flora ferm, dried and then made into a powder, providing you with probiotics that is a real food.

Importance of Probiotics

As we live in a society that has pesticides, preservatives in our food supplies and antibiotics been regularly prescribed by medical practitioners, our guts are cleaned out of good bacteria.

The Hunzas’ gut has about 5,000 species of bacteria in their gut, whereas the Western gut has about 1,500 species of bacteria, so we are sadly lacking. These bacteria help us make our Vitamin B and K, help our immune system and communicate with our inside body, in order for us to function. Without the bacteria, we would literally be dead so it is really important that we feed them the right foods, allowing us to keep breeding more bugs.

Changing Habits Probiotics can assist in recolinating the gut on a daily basis, help feed bacteria in the gut and give you more bacteria.

“My son William’s digestive system is finally doing what it should and I am convinced it has a lot to do  with changing habits probiotics.  Prior to starting on them he was “emptying his bowels” up to 6 times a day and never formed a stool.  I had tried to up the fermented food in his diet (as per your suggestion some time ago) and being a 3yo who is going through a bit of a phase was struggling.  Mostly he will eat whatever we give him and I just have to introduce things slowly but it was challenging.

Then I bought some of your probiotics and started sneaking it into his porridge and his dinner (can’t give him too much in one go because he  notices it and won’t eat it) after a few weeks of that he now has stools and only once a day.” Sonja Altmann


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