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Changing Habits started with the publication of Changing Habits Changing Lives by Cyndi O’Meara in 1998. Since 1980 Cyndi has been studying and researching nutrition, diet and health issues. She has also spent much of her time speaking both nationally and internationally, her book is translated into several languages and many of her products can be found in 37 countries around the world.

Since 2010 Cyndi and her husband Howard have expanded Changing Habits to not only be a health information company including books, audios, videos, e-books, programs, protocols, reports, newsletters, clubs and social media but also ethical, nutritious foods. Howard and Cyndi saw that there was a need to not only provide information but to also make the food Cyndi talks about more readily available to everyone. The company has grown exponentially and now provides not only food but also food supplements based on the philosophy of Cyndi’s first book Changing Habits Changing Lives. Changing Habits is passionately committed to improving the lives of men, women and children by providing our respected customers with high quality, ethical foods. Our goal is to improve the lives of generations and make a significant and lasting impact in the health industry.

Changing Habits will not bring out a food unless it has been thoroughly researched. Both Howard and Cyndi go to the country of origin, see where the food is grown and packaged before it becomes part of the Changing Habits food line. Cyndi has many foods in the pipeline and every year new foods are introduced to the line. Cyndi and Howard will only introduce new foods that they themselves will use in their every day lives.

Changing Habits Philosophy

We believe
… that every human being has the right to be healthy. We provide people with logical, reliable and ethical information and tools that are not constrained by society, falsehoods or damaging technology.

We believe in the power of you! You can achieve incredible results!


Health by changing habits!

Meet the team

Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi O'Meara

Founder and Nutritionist

Not your typical nutritionist, Cyndi disagrees with low-fat, low-calorie diets, believes chocolate can be good for you and thinks cheating and eating yummy food is an important part of a well-balanced diet. Cyndi must be doing something right because she maintains a healthy weight and has never (in her whole life!) taken an antibiotic, pain-killer or any other form of medication. Cyndi is a passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues and uses her education and experience to help others improve their quality of life so they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives.

Concerned by the state of our health system and the lack of educated consumers, Cyndi explores relevant and confronting issues such as cancer, diseases, diets, drugs and medication and asks people to make a choice about what they are willing to consume. She raises serious questions such as ‘Is margarine really the answer or is it a major contributor to obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Are artificial sweeteners the great low calorie alternative or deadly neurotoxins?’

Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourages others to eliminate unhealthy habits and has inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their body. By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths and empowers them to make long lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits…Read More

Howard O'Meara

Howard O'Meara

Managing Director/CEO

Yes, this is Cyndi’s husband and general manager of Changing Habits. Howard joined Cyndi in the business a few years back after selling his chiropractic business and was keen to help Cyndi take her vision to the next level.

Howard oversees the business as well as looks after all new product development. Howard spends many hours sourcing quality, ethical products for Changing Habits. Once Cyndi specifies the type of products that she would like to be a part of the Changing Habits product range, Howard is into action and to obtain the highest quality product.

Howard recently gave up his chiropractic business to work full time on the business. You normally find Howard in the office in his board shorts and t-shirt and when he has had enough of the computer he’s off for a run or a fitness class to clear his head.

“I always refer to the people I work with as a team not staff, we are all working for the same end goal and I value them all. We are here to produce high quality, ethical real health foods that are in line with Cyndi’s philosophy, anything less than that will not go on our shelves.”

To learn a bit more about Howard and his incredible life journey from teacher, to policeman, to body guard, to Chiropractor, working with gold medal athletes at Olympic games, to the CEO and GM of Changing Habits, listen to this interview with Howard & Sam Parker.

Karen Passingham

Karen Passingham

Business Development Manager / Marketing Coordinator

Karen the business development manager extraordinaire for Cyndi and Howard joined Changing Habits over in April 2010. Karen is the steady eddy at Changing Habits, she organises, delegates, controls, calms, relaxes, soothes and is a valuable asset of the team. If no one knows how to do something in the office, Karen is called to action and has the patience to fix anything. Karen works on new business concepts and oversees the coordination of these ideas to market. Everyone needs a Karen in their life and we are very fortunate at Changing Habits to have her.

“I love living the Changing Habits lifestyle and incorporating what I learn here into my husband as well as my 3 children’s lives. I have learnt so much about my own health challenges and enjoy coming to work every day, it’s such a positive work environment where we all get on so well.”

Ruth Hotson

Ruth Hotson

Events Coordinator and Product Development

With the growth of Changing Habits, it was time to create some new, more specific roles. Ruth joined the team in August 2012 to concentrate on coordinating Cyndi’s somewhat hectic schedule. Ruth organises Cyndi’s events and seminars, however her role doesn’t stop there, she also is busy coordinating our products, to ensure we keep our supply of stock going.

Ruth moved over from the UK early 2012 and is enjoying the Queensland lifestyle. Ruth has been interested in a healthy lifestyle for quite some time now so fitted into the Changing Habits philosophy with ease.

“There are so many reasons I love working at changing habits – The first is the lovely energy we have in the office. We all work as a team to solve any problems. The second is how much I learn from being at work. It can be a mind field out there with so much information available, so it is great to be able to spend time with other like-minded people and discuss books we have been reading, programs/films we have watched and recipes we have found (taste testing is a particular favourite)”

Rosie Herbert

Rosie Herbert

Web, Graphics and Online Coordinator

With a comprehensive skill set that spans the whole integrated marketing and communications spectrum, Rosie joined the Changing Habits team in May 2014 to assist in maintaining and building Changing Habits’ online presence through social media, communications and corporate collateral design as the
company grows.

‘I consider myself very fortunate to work with a supportive and inspiring team in a role that encompasses all my interests including communications, social media, design, marketing and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s wonderful to be in an environment that encourages continual learning in both my specialised work skills and in good health principles, which I can incorporate into my family’s lives’.

Natasha Everingham

Natasha Everingham

Special Projects Coordinator and Education Administrator

Natasha, or Tash as she prefers to be called joined Changing Habits in February 2015. Her role here is looking after special projects and working closely with Kristy in education as the administrator. Tash has been a personal trainer for the last 5 years and loves helping people transform their lives through fitness and nutrition.

“I feel very privileged to be working in such an amazing company! With my passion being in health and fitness, I honestly could not ask for a more perfect place to work. I love that every day is a new learning opportunity in a fun, friendly and VERY healthy environment”.

Tessa Pennick

Tessa Pennick

Office Administrator

Tessa joined us in June 2015 and works in administration/reception. Together with a strong interest in nutrition, Tessa has a large range of skills including working in hospitality locally and internationally as a barista, as well as administration within the audio visual fields.

“I’ve always been fascinated by health and nutrition and gradually over the last few years, I have been making changes to my diet to become a more healthy and energetic version of myself. That is why I jumped at the chance when I saw a job vacancy at Changing Habits.

Every day I am learning so much, and I’m so keen to continue to learn as much as possible. I have already tried all of the products which I love and I am constantly thinking of new meal and smoothie creations to mix them in to. The office environment is so positive and friendly which is also a massive bonus!”

Chris Ngaha

Chris Ngaha

Dispatch Coordinator

Chris works closely with Lynn in Dispatch and together, they keep our Dispatch Department running smoothly – efficiently coordinating, organising and sending out orders.

With his calm nature and attention to detail, you can be assured your parcels will be wrapped, packed and dispatched in a timely manner and in the best possible way!

Lynn Cula

Lynn Cula


Lynn began in November 2013 and works closely with Chris in dispatch. Together they sort out our dispatch department, organising and sending out orders. They also re-organise the stock to allow everything to fit perfectly as products arrive quickly and in large quantities. Lynn has an attention to detail for every product she wraps and sends them out with health and hope, all in a timely manner. You can always count on Lynn to have a huge smile on her face everyday.

“I love working at Changing Habits; what’s not to love working with great people, great products and making the world a healthier place.”

Mel Kent

Mel Kent

Changing Habits Protocol Coach


Mel became our Changing Habits Healthy Living Club (HLC) Coach in October 2014 and offers online support to our HLC members before, during and after their Protocol journeys and also to our other members that are part of the HLC for all its benefits.

Mel comes fully qualified and experienced, with her own life changing due to the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. As well as her numerous health problems vanishing and losing 40kgs, Mel also conceived naturally, after been told she never would. Her new way of life has had a ripple effect on her whole family too.

“I simply adore working with the Changing Habits Team.  I feel so blessed that each day I get to offer help and support to our beautiful customers who are all undergoing their very own health transformations, just as I did several years ago.  It sounds so cliche but I feel I have the most rewarding job in the world, and I wake up every morning filled with gratitude, ready to start my day.”

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